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Online BillPay’s ‘Pay People’ now ‘Popmoney’

If you are a personal online banking customer of First Landmark Bank, you may have noticed or used the “Pay People” button inside BillPay that provides a way to transfer money between unrelated bank accounts and banks between people.  This click tab is now labeled “Popmoney”.

Through the Popmoney tab, you can send money the secure and easy way at any time – from anywhere – from your First Landmark Bank online banking Bill Pay account. Just a few of the ways you can conveniently Pay People through Popmoney:

     – Settle a restaurant tab
     – Send money to your college kids
     – Pay back your friends

All you need is access to your First Landmark Bank Online Banking Bill Pay service and the person’s email address or mobile phone number.  The money goes directly from your checking account into their account usually within one business day, regardless of where they bank in the U.S.  And best of all, no more checks, stamps or cash.  It’s that simple.

To get started, look for the “Popmoney” tab in your Bill Pay Account. Don’t have online banking and bill pay yet? It’s simple to enroll!

If you are not a current customer of First Landmark Bank, you can access additional information directly at www.popmoney.com.

More Information about  Popmoney:

Popmoney works on your Mac or PC, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android

It’s safe and secure — Popmoney comes from the company that powers online banking and bill payments for thousands of U.S. banks.

What You Should Know About Sending Money to Others

From your First Landmark Bank Online Banking and Bill Pay service, you can send money to any adult over the age of eighteen (18) who has an established account at a financial institution in the U.S.

You receive instant notifications upon sending money

Money will not leave your account until it is claimed

Recipients are not required to pay a fee

If you send a payment to someone who has never before registered for Popmoney, they will have 10 calendar days to register and claim the money you send

If money you’ve sent goes unclaimed, you’ll get an alert letting you know that the payment has expired

Sending money through the Bank’s website costs 50 cents per transaction

Popmoney transactions originated after 5 p.m. will begin transfer process the following business day

Log on to your Bill Pay account today and check out this exciting new, convenient way to Pay People.