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Simple. Secure. Convenient.

Remote Deposit Connect Service* is Check 21 technology that enables  commercial account customers to scan, image and transmit checks electronically to the bank from the convenience of their office. No matter how big or small your business is, our Remote Deposit Connect Service can help you simplify deposit processing, reduce expenses, improve cash flow, and eliminate trips to the bank.


  • Convenience
    • Submit deposits from Client’s location around the clock, including weekends
    • Save time and money by reducing trips to the Bank
    • Deposit into a single account from multiple locations
    • Bank location can be anywhere
  • Submit deposits until 5:00pm EST
  • Reduce internal expenses
    • Eliminates employee trips to the bank and/or courier costs
    • Reduces deposit preparation time and errors


  • Amount Recognition Technologies – System utilizes Character Amount Recognition (CAR) and Legal Amount Recognition (LAR) technology to determine and populate check amoun
  • Virtual Endorsement Feature – System utilizes virtual image endorsement, which eliminates the need to endorse your checks with a deposit stamp
  • Duplicate item detection
    • Alerted when duplicate items are detected
    • Accept or Remove the items processing
  • Faster check clearing allows you to react sooner on returned checks
  • Image quality is verified as items are processed
  • Deposits are archived on-site
    • Images and transactional data are stored on the PC and/or CD Rom for research purposes

Minimum computer requirements:

  • PC with a current version of Microsoft XP or 2000 and a USB 2.0 port
  • Supported desktop check scanner and software (available through the bank)
  • High speed internet connection


*Subject to bank approval

Contact a bank representative to discuss Remote Deposit by calling 770-792-8870 or by sending us an email at info@firstlandmarkonline.com.