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Through a third-party vendor, we offer a wide variety of merchant services and merchant accounts that will allow your company to accept credit card payments – economically and with low fees, great rates and excellent service. Our Merchant products and services are designed to process many types of payments including debit and credit cards for Visa®, MasterCard® and others. We provide easy-to-use and affordable solutions for all your credit card needs, whether your business is a face-to-face retail site, an Internet-based store, or a catalog or mail order business. They are the reliable source for merchant services.

Credit Card Processing – The credit card processing service will assist your company with obtaining authorization, capture, settlement, and detailed reporting for Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®.

Debit Card Processing – Debit card processing is an additional processing solution to credit cards. It is also the fastest growing way to pay for orders, topping credit cards. Any business, regardless of their industry, can benefit from accepting debit cards. The convenience of not having to write out a check draws people to use their debit card to make purchases. Retail merchants can save themselves money by investing in a low cost PIN pad to connect to their swipe terminal. The process works just like accepting credit cards, except when you enter in the customers’ debit card information, the amount to cover the purchase is deducted from the customers’ bank account.

Payment Portal – The payment portal is specifically designed for merchants to take payments through their website, and it can be customized to match your current website. Your customers will have confidence security when paying through a portal that matches the original site.

Online Pay/Virtual Terminal – Our virtual terminal turns a PC into a credit card terminal and allows a merchant the option of processing credit card transactions online from any Windows PC with Internet access. Transactions can be processed quickly and conveniently through a safe and secure environment with our online payment application. It requires no additional equipment or software and is accessible at all times. Merchants can integrate recurring payment and autopay transactions, as the virtual terminal is an integral part of our Total Transaction Manager application.

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