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Investor Relations

Welcome, Midtown Bank & Trust Company Shareholders

The merger between Midtown Bank & Trust Company and First Landmark Bank was final on October 20, 2014, and going forward the combined company will operate under the First Landmark Bank banking charter. For this reason, Midtown Bank shareholders are required to remit their existing Midtown Bank & Trust Company stock certificates for exchange to First Landmark Bank stock certificates.

First Landmark Bank has contracted with Broadridge Financial Services as “Exchange Agent” to assist you in this process. If you have not sent in your Midtown Bank & Trust Company original stock certificate for exchange, please contact Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions at 855.627.5081 for instructions and to receive the Letter of Transmittal needed for remittance.

Any interim questions you may have can be addressed to Renee White, SVP | Corporate Secretary | Transfer Agent at the contact information below.

Often during the merger negotiations and leadership team merger planning, Midtown president Stan Kryder and First Landmark president Terry DeWitt would say, “We are planning for One plus One to be greater than Two.”  It is an exciting time as we combine the banks, and we look forward to sharing the journey together.

First Landmark Bank Common Stock

The company stock of First Landmark Bank is not publicly traded. If you are interested in buying or selling shares of First Landmark Bank common stock, please contact the investor relations contact for First Landmark Bank as follows:

Renee White
First Landmark Bank
307 N. Marietta Parkway    or      P. O. Box 5138
Marietta, GA  30060                     Marietta, GA 30061

Direct: 770-799-5660


Bank’s 2013 Audited Financial Statements Available for Shareholder Review

NOTE: The 2014 Audited Financial Statements for First Landmark Bank will soon be available for viewing by our shareholders at this page.

If you would like to review the Bank’s 2013 audited financial statements online, please click on the link ‘Investor Documents’ below. It is password-protected. The password is available to you in the 2014 proxy booklet mailed to you on approximately 4/8/14. Or, contact Renee White at 770.799.5660 or email to request the password.

Investor Documents

If you are not a shareholder and desire financial information on First Landmark Bank, please visit www.fdic.gov. There you can find financial information that is made available to the general public on every Member FDIC financial institution .